The Sufferfest Ink


You've been there several times - that land full of pain, misery and agony. Yet you know why you visit so often -  this hard work is the key to honor, glory and victory. Now, it's time to show the world that, no matter what country you currently live in, you are a Sufferlandrian Expatriate.

VeloInk and The Sufferfest have teamed up to bring you a special edition set of personalized Top Tube Ink so that you and your ride can show where you really come from - SUFFERLANDRIA!

VeloInk decals are made of ultra premium vinyl that is generally reserved for high end vehicle graphics. They are built to withstand years of mud, sweat and abuse. Each set of The Sufferfest Top Tube Ink includes 8 personalized decals and 2 "Sufferlandrian" decals, measuring .5" tall, and up to 4" long.

We will email you a proof within 24 hours to ensure that your order is correct. Please allow 7-10 days processing.

VeloInk ships worldwide! $2 per order in the U.S. and $3 per order for international.